(15th May 2012)

After completing all the formalities i got my room in Hostel 10. Coming to my room the first thought that came to my mind was about my own room in my college. The PGH room seemed to be much better. But the good part is, i became comfortable in few hours or so. Then i went to the OSL lab where i had to fill some forms for the temporary id card. I was then sent to the NSL lab and a machine was allocated to me. Then a short interview followed about the known subjects and the work regarding the project. Some of the required languages were brushed up by video lectures in the starting few days.  I had arrived late so these lectures were rescheduled as two quizzes were to follow 😉

I installed the required platforms in eclipse, ADT plugins and Android SDK manager.  It was taking time so i came for lunch and then lectures followed. Then back to my room at 5:30 pm. I had snacks, hoping the NITH mess to be upgraded this year… :p