22nd May 2012

It was a week now. After figuring out the error with videos at 3 am, adding the seekto() method in the button onClickListener event was just an exension. It worked fine till now. The tree structure was also implemented on day 7 after too much of brainstorming. Finally it was only the ExpandableListActivity which came in use. Java is easy and interesting 😉 I tested this app in android mobile. Presently am working on a joke app, hoping to come up with a workable android app. This is just for fun, am really liking it.

We went to powai lake again in the evening on 21st May, but this time via a different route and the short tour was much more enjoyable.

Today at 10 we went to Hiranandani hoping to party till midnight. But to my surprise it was all dark and shops closed; will revisit some other day in the evening. 🙂  We were so tired that we directly came to our rooms.