24th May

These two days passed like nothing new, testing the same code again and again , some bugs, some fixes, some extensions and to end up today with the news of our mentor deciding a tour of Mumbai with us. I hope its not a rumour… 😛  In the morning we were also provided with diaries to maintain reports and get it signed every Friday by our respective metors. It seemed frustating now, in addition to mailing everyday, this seemed like crap.

Some presentation was scheduled on E-Yanta of IITB from 2 to 5 in F.C. Kohli Auditorium but it was over till 4. Bikash sir told us to be at lab after having tea, then we requested him to let the day off as only few hours were left. We then came to our hostel had snacks (my so awaited dhokla… 🙂 ). This is the part that i miss in Hamirpur : variety….  😉 Then back to my room i started up with the google-android archieves, practices on joke app.