28th May

Nothing new in these four days.

Till now we could come up with a more presentable publish mode. The mentioned work for 1st 15 days is over and we were set for the first tour. No internet in the hostel added to one more serious reason. Saturday was a holiday and now it was enough πŸ˜‰

Went to SiddhiVinayak then MahaLaxmi Mandir then HaaziAli Dargaah and then taking a wrong bus we came to Bandra. I was so tired that i just wanted a bed πŸ˜› yet on reaching Bandra we came to Hill Road and then shopping…. :p All tiredness disappeared in moments.. πŸ˜‰ I was lost in shopping and then we took a train to Dadar from there we had to take the slow-track train to ‘Kanjur Marg’. At Dadar we were confused with the train just arrived at the platform and two of my friends caught the train and we two remained Β at Dadar waiting for the next train. So exhausting day it was!Β  After coming to my room i actually felt the hunger. Thanks to khakhra that Vaishali had in her room. πŸ™‚