MVC MVC MVC….. everytime i could hear this word all around me thinking what crap it was. But this “Model View Control” concept was so old and seemed easy when i googled and got through the concept. Then came working with Publish mode and editable mode. We were given an implemented code and were asked to synchronise the slides and the video accordingly itself as well as on clicking. But at first we had to go through certain work can call them “formalities for guests”, which i really hate. This time is like the period i hate most, no work still lot to do. Nilesh sir told us what was to be done and the next day Paraag sir discarded all the changes and gave us a new view to be designed. ( Whos gonna pay us for the 16 hrs of our work??? : they cant answer that 😛   )

Its already 5:00 now,  no mood to sit in front of this laptop. 😛