1st round: GSAT (consists of Data interpretation, aptitute(only 5 questions) and analytical reasoning). This paper was similar to SISC GSAT paper, unfortunately didnt remember the questions.

2nd round: It comprised of questions from C,C++, DS and OS

some of the questions were:

Q1)which of the following is not a scheduling algorithm



c)shortest remaining first

d)Last in first out

ans: d

Q2)Which is not a fiile system





ans: d

Q3 pick the correct one

a)in 32 bit ram is 4GB nd in 64 bit is 16 GB





Q4)TLB is associated with





ans: b

Q5 which does not make processors





ans: b

Q.1if you want to add a new element but there is no available space then it is called





ans: b

Q.2Given a simple B.S.T,you have to write its inorder,preorder and postorder traversal

Q3.In a heap

a)root is the greatest

b)parent is always greater than both of its children.

c)both a nd b


ans: b

Q4)time complexity of mergesort is





ans: b

Q5)Running time of n(n+1)/2 will be





ans: b

In c/C++ section questions were from pure virtual functions, difference between  overloading and overriding, abstract classes, default access in class and structure, inheritance etc.

3rd round: Algorithm round (All the shortlisting of candidates were done in the 1st two rounds, there was no elimination in this round)

2 questions were given:

1. Solving the tic tac toe puzzle, to write a program and or pseudo-code, or explain using flowchart. the HR gave us hints to solve it using automata theory, or min-max algorithm, or soft computing or AI anything that we wanted.

2. Given a string, say “SAMSUNG SOFTWARE”, print it in reverse manner eliminating the repeated characters. the program should be optimised in  terms of time complexity, space complexity, power complexity and lines of code. It should not be a two step program, i.e. first reversing and then eliminating. The interviewer was asking something in terms of O(n) or even less than that.

4th round: Technical Interview

Tell me about yourself.

He asked me about my training, it was on android. He started asking me questions on android.

What is an adapter in android? what is activity how does it actually communicate??

I started explaining him and then he asked me ” are you comfortable with android or i should switch( “thank god he asked that” )

i immediately replied “sir, i am comfortable with c, c++”

then he started asking me questions on storage classes. What are storage classes? define them. where are they stored? what is data section and code section. then he gave me  to explain:

global static int i;

extern int i;  what is their visibility and scope. can i reinitialise them, can i access them from other files, he kept turning and twisting for around 10 minutes on these questions. Then he asked me

const char *p;

char const *p;

char *const p;

const char const *p;

what did they mean and then he gave me a c question to tell me the output. const was being incremented there so it was a compiler error.

Then he asked me to write a program  to print 1 to x given x as input without using any loops.  I did it using recursion.

next, are you familiar with semaphore and mutex? what is it? and which one u think is better?

can you write a program to reverse a linked list. I used three pointers in my program he then asked me have you done this program earlier?

i told him ” ya, its fun doing them… :P”

then he told me to write a program for bit setting. Did it…

what is virtual memory and how is it implemented? and kept on circling around for quite some time asking different questions related to paging.

few questions were about allocation of memory and caches.

My interview went on for about 40-45 minutes. After that i was called for the HR round

5th round:  He picked out my algorithm round paper and started asking me about the questions. how can it be optimized more.

then he asked ” u had 2 days, must have gone through the solution that i provided for my interview”

i told him ” yes sir”, and then i elaborated the answer. Then he asked “what is memory leak and what is segmentation fault”

“why is segmentation fault so named?”

“how is page stored at disk level?”

He wasn’t satisfied with any of my answers. and kept twisting around all my answers. 😛

then he asked me “you have mentioned 100% in +2 mathmatics in ur cv so here is my next question,

what is 97X103

i told him the answer quickly. Then he asked me ” and what is 95X96″

i didn’t answer as quickly as earlier.

Why do u think we should select you today?

I told him few points 😉 and then my interview was over.

A hectic day. After around 2 hrs we were called for the announcement of results. And then,

Ready for “If its not happening now doesn’t mean it will never happen” moment . He called the first name : Garima Goswami 🙂