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Ctrl+Shift+X -  Toggle between  showing  all  terminals  and  only  showing  the current 
 Ctrl+Shift+O - Split terminals Horizontally.

 Ctrl+Shift+E - Split terminals Vertically.

 Ctrl+Shift+Right - Move parent dragbar Right.

 Ctrl+Shift+Left - Move parent dragbar Left.
  Ctrl+Shift+UpMove parent dragbar Up.
  Ctrl+Shift+Down Move parent dragbar Down.
 Ctrl+Shift+W - Close the current terminal.

 Ctrl+Shift+T -   Open new tab

 Ctrl+Plus (+) -  Increase  font  size. Note: this may require you
 to press shift, depending on your keyboard
 Ctrl+Minus (-) - Decrease font size. Note: this may require you to  press  shift, 
 depending   on your  keyboard
 Ctrl+Zero (0) - Restore font size to original setting.

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Upgraded Aakash

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COoooOL it is.. !!!!! I dont know whats going up in the mind of all the mentors, changing something, then this not required, more memory u know.. 😉 then up all again do this way… 😀 But seriously, at the end when something’s done… it feels awsum… 🙂 Its all open source, no copyright of our code..

Anyone can make changes if they want, you can download the code from my git repo.

All these days went fine, couple of workshops, some fun, some work, to say.. not that bad..!!! The synchronisation was already successful with the presentation and the video, we tested it in android. Now that searching of video from folders was also over, we just had to make few changes in the approach, but bringing the whole thing up and then interconnection was eating up the whole time. Though i could spare some time now.

Aakash tablet blows up my nerves sometimes, its too frustrating. My sincere advice: Don’t think of purchasing it!!!!

MVC MVC MVC….. everytime i could hear this word all around me thinking what crap it was. But this “Model View Control” concept was so old and seemed easy when i googled and got through the concept. Then came working with Publish mode and editable mode. We were given an implemented code and were asked to synchronise the slides and the video accordingly itself as well as on clicking. But at first we had to go through certain work can call them “formalities for guests”, which i really hate. This time is like the period i hate most, no work still lot to do. Nilesh sir told us what was to be done and the next day Paraag sir discarded all the changes and gave us a new view to be designed. ( Whos gonna pay us for the 16 hrs of our work??? : they cant answer that 😛   )

Its already 5:00 now,  no mood to sit in front of this laptop. 😛

28th May

Nothing new in these four days.

Till now we could come up with a more presentable publish mode. The mentioned work for 1st 15 days is over and we were set for the first tour. No internet in the hostel added to one more serious reason. Saturday was a holiday and now it was enough 😉

Went to SiddhiVinayak then MahaLaxmi Mandir then HaaziAli Dargaah and then taking a wrong bus we came to Bandra. I was so tired that i just wanted a bed 😛 yet on reaching Bandra we came to Hill Road and then shopping…. :p All tiredness disappeared in moments.. 😉 I was lost in shopping and then we took a train to Dadar from there we had to take the slow-track train to ‘Kanjur Marg’. At Dadar we were confused with the train just arrived at the platform and two of my friends caught the train and we two remained  at Dadar waiting for the next train. So exhausting day it was!  After coming to my room i actually felt the hunger. Thanks to khakhra that Vaishali had in her room. 🙂

24th May

These two days passed like nothing new, testing the same code again and again , some bugs, some fixes, some extensions and to end up today with the news of our mentor deciding a tour of Mumbai with us. I hope its not a rumour… 😛  In the morning we were also provided with diaries to maintain reports and get it signed every Friday by our respective metors. It seemed frustating now, in addition to mailing everyday, this seemed like crap.

Some presentation was scheduled on E-Yanta of IITB from 2 to 5 in F.C. Kohli Auditorium but it was over till 4. Bikash sir told us to be at lab after having tea, then we requested him to let the day off as only few hours were left. We then came to our hostel had snacks (my so awaited dhokla… 🙂 ). This is the part that i miss in Hamirpur : variety….  😉 Then back to my room i started up with the google-android archieves, practices on joke app.

22nd May 2012

It was a week now. After figuring out the error with videos at 3 am, adding the seekto() method in the button onClickListener event was just an exension. It worked fine till now. The tree structure was also implemented on day 7 after too much of brainstorming. Finally it was only the ExpandableListActivity which came in use. Java is easy and interesting 😉 I tested this app in android mobile. Presently am working on a joke app, hoping to come up with a workable android app. This is just for fun, am really liking it.

We went to powai lake again in the evening on 21st May, but this time via a different route and the short tour was much more enjoyable.

Today at 10 we went to Hiranandani hoping to party till midnight. But to my surprise it was all dark and shops closed; will revisit some other day in the evening. 🙂  We were so tired that we directly came to our rooms.

Continued with videos on day 5. It seemed to be a bit frustrating checking the same code again and again, but the joy of correct debugging and getting the correct output does always bring a sweet smile. Some task was allocated to us for the weekend, it seemed to be easy and when i started implementing the videoview it became more easier. I really think there should be some feature in the emulator specifying the runtime errors in the code. Its really disheartening, after writing such big lines the output shows:

Headphones playing such nice songs “Tum ho….. ” dont know why and how motivates me, but it does.

Tried to access through the sdcard:

./mksdcard 128M mysdcard

sudo mkdir /media/mycard

sudo mount -o loop mysdcard /media/mycard     (copy the media files in this folder now)

sudo unmount /media/mycard

Still getting the same error 😦 Hoping to figure it out till snacks time… 😉

Why do people have to be so home-sick, my all “Mumbai-darshan” plans have ruined…. 😦